Our architecture firm develops

housing and commercial space designs

through life and work experiences that

bring together different cultures and backgrounds.

The firm’s activity is mainly focused on residential architecture, but applies to all types of projects: from smaller residential and renovation works up to larger commercial and new-construction projects.

The work developed in New York around the year 2000, mixed together with a classical Italian cultural background, is giving life to a design that respects peculiar traditions and is open to new and innovative solutions.

This concept brought fresh challenges and sensations to the study of living spaces and a new crossroads where new and old meet.
The research we have done on residential and commercial spaces has enabled us to realize and materialize different concepts of living based on our clients’ various needs and mentalities.

From thought to concept to realized space, we work with our clients to ensure that their vision becomes reality through architecture and design.


Carola Vannini

Carola Vannini was born in Rome in 1973; she graduated with a degree in Architecture from Rome “La Sapienza”. She continued her practical education by working in the architecture and design industry in other major international cities including New York and Paris.
After two years in New York, Carola returned to Rome and in 2002 started her own design company, Carola Vannini Architecture, which also focuses on interior design.

Carola’s approach to design stems from her diverse international experiences and respect for the use of existing contemporary architectural languages. Her design strikes a balance between the best of old and new.
Her projects are always approached with a careful eye to the clients’ esthetic and functional needs, involving them in the entire creative process, up to the furniture and details design. This creates unique, coherent and personalized architectures.