Located in the EUR neighborhood of Rome, this apartment has been completely renovated according to the new and personalized owners’ needs.

Its surface of 130 square meters, has allowed the creation of a completely new environment.





Square Meters

120 (interiors) + 10 (exteriors)


Stefano Pedretti

Project Details


The rooms, already largely enlighted by many wide windows, have been made smooth and fluid by the new interior distribution, that visually separates them without creating strong boundaries.
Indeed, the living room communicates with the kitchen through a short and monumental corridor.
The living area has been emphasized by creating a step (underlined by a continuous led light) that connects the existing building structure. The large master bedroom hides a walk-in closet that, based on the situation, can be hidden through two sliding doors that desappear into the wall behind the bed. This has been built with plasterboard covered by white resin.
Two long niches behind the pillows function as bedside tables. Bathrooms are large and comfortable, in order to satisfy the needs of a modern family.
The kitchen has been custom made and designed by the architect; the main goal was to obtain a multifunctional space. Light colors have been chosen for the entire apartment, in order to emphasize the charming surrounding green areas.


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