Our Mission is to create thoughtful, beautiful interiors that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while honoring and celebrating our Italian style and background.

WE ARE BASED IN ROME, ITALY,  but we can provide professional services  anywhere is needed, with a flexible and responsive approach that guides the clients  through the entire design process, helping them to achieve their goals.

OUR EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE applies to all types of projects: on smaller residential and renovation work we can produce the drawings necessary for permitting and construction; on larger commercial and new-construction projects we focus on the interiors and work in tandem with architectural and engineering teams.

Phases of the interior design process.

Strategic Planning.


Meet the client

at the job site or receive floor plans and images of the job site via email


the client’s goals, taste and budget

Write down

a list of the client’s needs related to the use of space

Design development.

Creation of moodboards

based on what the space inspired us in order to show the design main direction

Production of two

design concepts to review and choose

Analysis of space

through three dimensional drawings and perspective views: renderings will show space layout through the virtual representation of materials and overall space layout

Once the space layout is decided, we go on with the production of the construction drawings and details.

Construction Documentation


Production of final two-dimensional interior architectural drawings including: floor plan layouts, cross sections, home furnishing & plumbing fixtures choice and placement, and space distribution in order to explain the project

Production of construction drawings concerning significant architectural details and decorations

Design of general plumbing, heating and cooling system layouts. The above mentioned layouts will have to be adjusted according to local standards by local experts in cooperation with us

Interior lighting design (analysis, selection and positioning of lighting fixtures)

Assistance in choosing furniture and fixtures through the proposal of multiple options. Assisting the client in the products’ selection will garantee the optimal interpretation of the client’s need. If the selected furniture needs to be shipped abroad from Italy, we wil provide assistance in handling the entire ordering process.
If your property is not located in Italy, please provide us with all necessary measurements, floor plan, and images of the spaces.
If you require professional assistance, we offer Site Visits separately.
During the all process, we will be available for consultations during full business hours via email, phone, or in-office appointments.
If your property is located in Italy, we can handle the entire process from the first sketches to the end of works, while updating you constantly through emails and images of the work in progress.

The result of the work will be a printed project’s representation, containing complete design information for the work’s realization.

Send a request to info@carolavannini.com